What formats do you accept?
You can always deliver videos to MJM burned onto a DVD and we will convert it to the format we use. Technically speaking, videos should be submitted at a resolution of 640 X 480 and in either a divx or wmv file. For still images, we use any digital image 200 dpi or higher in any PC format (eps, tif, psd, pdf, or jpg files.) You can also use flash technology to present your message.

How do we know that our ad will be delivered evenly throughout the day/month (so the ad does not run 10 times in one hour, and 0 times the next)?
All ads on the MJM network are controlled and monitored by specially designed software which ensures your ads run exactly when and where you expect them to run. Every time a video or image is played the time and location is logged into our database. You can log onto our website any time and generate a report to see exactly when and where your ads have played.

Where is the plasma screen scoreboard located?
All Fantasy Sports Machine scoreboards are centrally located within each venue for maximum exposure. In larger venues there may be more than one plasma screen.

How do you determine the number of impressions reached?
Impressions vary with each location. Basically we take the average daily traffic for each market, and then break that down to an hourly average. Based on that hourly average we determine the number of impressions advertisers would get per location for each hour, and then set our prices at a Cost per Thousand (CPM) Impressions.

Do I have to run the same ad over and over?
No. You can submit up to 4 different ads for each 30 second slot purchased.

If you add more locations to your network during my campaign, will I be charged extra?
No. MJM is adding new bars and restaurants to its network all the time, any new venues added to a market are included free of charge until the end of the billing cycle.

Will I be notified if new locations are added?
Yes. You can also go online at for a list of new venues.

Can I advertise in just one bar?
No. MJM sells advertising per market. A market is considered a network of at least 10 venues.

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