MJM Software
Along with the software to run the Fantasy Sports Machine network, MJM has designed and developed its own video distribution software. This makes creating, implementing and tracking a customized ad campaign to meet your specific needs amazingly simple.

Customized Ad Campaigns
Videos and digital images are downloaded across our network from a central location. Once each video or image is downloaded across the network it is automatically checked for data integrity. If the download failed in any way, the software downloads the file again.
Once downloaded, we can pick and choose exactly where, when, and how frequently each ad runs. We can take multiple ads and rotate them in any configuration you chose. For example, 4 ads could run in one slot, meaning each ad is seen just once per hour, yet your brand is seen 4 times an hour. Want one ad to be seen more frequently than the others? No problem, we can do that too.

Track Your Ads
Our software automatically keeps track of every ad run over our network. Every time a video or image is played the time and location is logged into our database. Log onto our website any time and generate a report to see exactly when and where your ads have played.

Unprecedented Access
Simply put, MJM technology offers you a chance to reach your customers at a time and place, and in a manner, never before possible. Don’t miss this amazing new opportunity. There are only a limited number of slots available on our network.

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