How does it work?
The Fantasy Sports Machine is the first and only completely automated fantasy sports system for bars and restaurants. Customers play for free using the FSM to draft their weekly fantasy teams. The FSM keeps track of all the stats, standings and automatically distributes prize coupons to the winners. Since our games are all weekly contests, and the FSM is the only place to draft a team, customers keep coming back again and again. Customers compete for prizes locally, within a chain or franchise, and nationally.

How do fantasy sports games work?
We play several variations of fantasy sports, but basically a player drafts a team of real-life athletes. Using stats from actual sporting events, the real –life athletes score points for their fantasy owners. Whichever team-owner has the most points at the end of the week, is the winner for that week. Players continue to accumulate points over the course of an entire season and that’s how we determine grand prize winners.

How long does it take for customers to play?
First-time users generally take between 3-5 minutes to go through the one-time registration process. Returning players spend anywhere from 1-3 minutes per session. Once the player chooses a roster, a team ticket is printed out by the FSM and then they’re free to enjoy the service and atmosphere of your establishment while keeping an eye on our real-time digital scoreboard for any change in the standings.  

Can a customer play more than one game at a time?
Yes. For every sport there are 2 basic versions; a quick pick game (random rosters) and a you-pick game (players select rosters.) Each version is its own separate contest, and players can enter both if they wish.  

Can I charge customers to play?
No. That would be considered gambling and would make our contests illegal.

How often are scores updated?
Our 42-inch digital scoreboard is automatically updated every 5 minutes with real-time stats.  

How long does each contest last?
Each contest lasts one week. Points carry over week-to-week, but rosters do not. To enter again, players must return to the FSM the next week to select a team and enter the contest again.  

Which sports do you have games for?
We have fantasy games for pro football, pro baseball, pro basketball, pro bowling, college football, the NCAA basketball tournament, NASCAR, and even a fantasy game based on the popular reality TV series The Apprentice. We add new games all the time, those are the basics.

Where should the scoreboard be displayed?
The 42-inch wall-mounted plasma scoreboard should be centrally located somewhere in your establishment. It does NOT need to be directly above the FSM. MJM provides 50’ feet of cable during installation. Additional charges may apply if extra cable is required.

How do prizes work?
You are responsible for any weekly local prizes. We suggest a free lunch for 1 st place, a free appetizer for 2 nd place and a free drink for 3 rd each week. MJM awards prizes to the top national players on both a weekly and season-long basis.

Do I have to award prizes for every game?
No. You are not required to give out any prizes at all. However, the chance to win prizes is what keeps customers coming back to play again and again. Setting up weekly (or even season-long) prizes exclusively for your establishment will keep your customers excited, engaged and coming back more often, even if it is just one prize for one game each week. 

How are prizes awarded?
We’ve made setting up and distributing weekly prizes completely hassle-free. It is done on-line. Set up a Prize List, assign prizes to games, and the FSM automatically prints out prize vouchers to the weekly winners. Winners are notified by e-mail. All you need to do is honor the coupon.

MJM handles all national prizes.  

Can I give away my own grand prizes?
Absolutely! Just set it up on-line and the FSM will distribute the prize coupon automatically.

What if someone plays just once, can they still win a grand prize from MJM?
Yes! Each week, MJM collects the names of the top 10 players in every venue. At the end of each season we randomly select a grand prize winner from that pool. So in a nutshell, anyone that plays just once, and finishes in the top 10 locally, is eligible to win a national grand prize. But the more they play, the better their chances of winning.

What do I need to have ready before installation?
You need a high-speed internet connection. The Fantasy Sports Machine requires an AC power outlet. MJM will run a cat-5 cable from your internet router to the FSM during installation. You need to determine where to wall-mount the 42” digital display scoreboard. It should be a centrally located, highly-visible place within 50’ of the FSM and close to an AC power outlet.

What kind of internet connection is required?
The FSM requires a high-speed internet connection, either cable or DSL.

What if I lose internet connection?
If internet connection is lost, an out of service screen is displayed on the FSM. MJM is automatically notified that the connection has been lost. We will contact you and try to help resolve the issue.

What if the machine breaks?
MJM provides 24-hour maintenance for the FSM and the plasma TV scoreboard. We are not responsible for any internet-related issues.

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