”Our customers are hooked! They love playing the Fantasy Sports Machine. We had the national grand prize winner for football come from our bar, what a thrill!”

-Grant Ferguson, Manager Trophy’s

“Our customers love the Fantasy Sports Machine. They come back every week to try and win prizes. It’s awesome!”

-Joe, Owner Pat’s Bar and Grill, St. Louis

“It’s a lot of fun, and people just love playing all the games.”

-Brandy, Manager, Kirkland Street Pub, Kirkland Washington

“We love the Fantasy Sports Machine! It’s really helped to bring people back every week to play.”

-Troy, Owner King Street Bar and Oven

“We love it here at White Buffalo. Our customers really get into it, and come back every week to play.”

-Brian, Owner White Buffalo Saloon

“There isn’t an easier way to run fantasy sports games in a bar. Once it’s set up it runs itself.

-Ian, Owner White Buffalo Saloon

Fantasy Sports Machine 2014 MJM Sports