Is There A Cost To Participate?

No, the Fantasy Sports Machine is free to play!

How Do I Play?
From the main screen, click on "New Player", choose a game, select your team roster and register. The FSM will automatically take you through each step and then print out your team ticket when you’re done.

What Kind of Prizes Can I Win?
Prizes vary depending on where you’re playing and which contest you’ve entered.
Most weekly prizes are awarded locally to the player with the most points. You can also win weekly prizes on a national level.

At the end of each season MJM awards grand prizes to the players with the most points nationally.

We also give away random grand prizes at the end of each season. We’ve set it up so if you’ve played just one week of the season you still have a chance to win a grand prize.

The more you play the better your chances of winning, so play often, and why wouldn’t you... it’s free!

For exact prizes, log onto the Fantasy Sports Machine

Can I win even if I play Just Once?
Yes! It wouldn’t be much fun if you couldn’t would it? Prizes are given out both locally and nationally to weekly winners.

How Long Do The Contests Last?
Each contest lasts just one week. Your roster is also valid for just one week. To enter the contest again you must return to any Fantasy Sports Machine and select a new roster for the week. The start of each week depends on the sport. (For example, it’s Tuesday through Monday for football, Monday through Sunday for Baseball and the Racing Challenge.)
Check the FSM for details.

What if Games have already Started, Can I still Enter?
You can enter a “Quick Pick” game at any time during the week, since rosters are randomly generated for that game.

For the “You Pick” game you must select your team before the games begin for that week. But even if you miss the deadline, the machine will let you sign up for the next week’s contest.

What’s the Difference Between the “You Pick” Game and “Quick Pick”?
Just as the name implies, in the “You Pick” game, you select your own roster. The Fantasy Sports Machine will give you a list of players to choose from. In the Quick Pick game, rosters are randomly generated by the computer, so even if you don’t know anything at all about sports, you can play and even win.

By the way, the “You Pick” and the “Quick Pick” games are two separate contests, and prizes are awarded for both.

Can I play both the “Quick Pick” and the “You Pick” game in the same week?
Absolutely! In fact, you can play as many games as are currently in season. The more you play, the better your chance of winning, and it’s FREE!
Can’t remember if you’ve already entered a roster for the week? You don’t need to. The Fantasy Sports Machine won’t let you sign up twice.

What about Thursday games during the football season, do I have to make my picks before those games start?
No. The deadline for football is always the start of games on Sunday. Any player which has already played that week will automatically be removed from the system and you won’t be available for selection until the following week.

Can I Edit My Roster?
Yes, as long as you do so before the games begin. Once games start for the week, rosters are frozen.

Can I use My Team Name and Password to Log on at any Participating Location? Yes. Use your Team Name and Password to sign in at any Fantasy Sports Machine. You can even use it to log on to our website at

How Long Does The Sign Up Process Take?
Registration for first time users will take about 3 minutes, and requires choosing a unique team name/username and password. Once you’ve registered, you’ll never have to go through the process again. Returning players can log on to any FSM with their team name and password and go straight to the team selection process.

How do I chose a team?
You do it all on the Fantasy Sports Machine. Just sign in, choose a sport, and if you select the “You Pick” game, the FSM takes you step by step through the roster selection process. Roster sizes vary depending on the sport.

If you don’t know much about a sport you can play the “Quick Pick” game and a roster will be randomly generated by the FSM.

How do I Earn Points?
Each game has its own scoring system based on actual stats from real players talking part in real sporting events. The better your players perform each week, the more points your fantasy team gets.

How are the standings determined?
Total points are tabulated at the end of each week. The team with the most points that week is in first place, the team with the least points is in last. It’s that simple.
In addition to weekly games, points carry over form week to week to determing the season-long standings.

How Do I check My Standings?
There are several ways to check standings. First and foremost is on our 42” plasma screen scoreboard located at each venue. You can also check your standings at the Fantasy Sports Machine, as well as on-line at Just use your team name and password to sign in. (Note: You can NOT check standings on-line on Sundays during the football season.)

How Often re the Standings Updated?
Standings are updated every 5 or 10 minutes.

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